The opportunity to invest in Myanmar are currently real and definitely interesting. The country is in fact looking for foreign capital and launched an economic policy of openness with the aim of making cost-effective investments in Myanmar.

The country has reached 50 million people and is experiencing a new phase of development. It is also very rich in natural resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, timber, zinc, copper, limestone and precious stones. The sectors that currently could benefit from foreign investment are: - Tourism and Hotel - Industry (heavy, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals) - Telecommunications (ICT) - Banking and Finance - Agriculture - Fishing - Mining and Oil and Gas - Mining Currently the largest investors Foreigners in Myanmar are China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, France, India and Japan.

The new laws on foreign investment approved by the President in 2012 offer new opportunities for those wishing to invest in this beautiful country.