On 20th of May 2013, by an act of the notary Insabella Valeria, the Association for Cooperation and Development of the relations abbreviated “Italy – Myanmar Business Council” (IMYBC) was formed.


The no-profit association promotes political, economic and cultural cooperation between Italy and Myanmar. On January 2016, the Association obtained the registration as Chamber of Commerce, under the name “Chamber of Commerce Italia – Myanmar” by the Ministry of Economic Development.


The Chamber of Commerce Italy-Myanmar promotes political, economic and cultural cooperation between Italy and Myanmar. In particular the Chamber conveys extensive information through the business and cultural meetings.

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The Chamber of Commerce Italia – Myanmar conveys extensive information on business opportunities in Myanmar to its members and supporters. The Chamber – also through the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Rome – sends projects and briefing papers on Italian companies interested in expanding in Myanmar to the Myanmar institutions and enterprises, with the objective of get contacts for possible partners.

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Myanmar offers real and interesting opportunities to invest in the country. For this reason the country has launched a policy of economic openness to attract foreign capitals.

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News and events

Viet Nam Economic Meeting and B2B

On 9th November, in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of Viet Nam in Turin, we supported the event “Viet Nam Economic Meeting and B2B

TOAsia Export Training Sardegna – Incoming buyers

The TOAsia Export Training Sardinia ended with the incoming in Sardinia of three trade operators from Singapore in order to meet the Sardinian excellencies of agrifood production. 

TOAsia Export Training Sardegna – Singapore

During the TOAsia Export Training Sardinia, 10 students from Sardinia took part in a study visit in Singapore

TOAsia Export Training Emilia-Romagna

The first edition of TOAsia Export Training Emilia-Romagna took place from the 22 September 2023 to the 27 October 2023.